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Unaffiliated Colorado voters must request ballot of choice by today

Ballots for June 26 primaries go out June 4

John Stroud
Glenwood Springs Post Independent

Today (May 30) is the last day for unaffiliated voters in Colorado to specifically request their preferred ballot, Republican or Democrat, and only receive one ballot in the mail to vote for the June 26 primaries.

If an unaffiliated voter does not make a preference with their county clerk and recorder’s office, ballots for both parties will be sent to all registered unaffiliated voters next week, but only one can be completed and returned.

Ballots will go to the post office on June 4, and most voters should receive them by June 7, Garfield County Clerk and Recorder Jean Alberico said.

“The voter instructions sent with the ballot and on the return envelope for the voted ballot tell the voter to select, vote and return only one voted ballot,” Alberico explained. “If the voter votes on both ballots and returns both ballots, then neither ballot will be counted.”

Voters affiliated with the Democratic or Republican party will automatically receive their party’s ballot. Both ballots include nominees in several key open races, including governor, attorney general, state treasurer and, on the Democratic side, the 3rd Congressional District.

Colorado voters in the 2016 election approved Proposition 108, which allowed participation for unaffiliated voters in primary elections without have to affiliate with any party. The June 26 primary will be the first time in state history that unaffiliated voters will be able to participate in the primary without first choosing to be a member of a particular party.

However, unaffiliated voters can only participate in either the Republican or Democratic primary, and cannot vote a split ballot between the parties, according to the provisions of the new law.

If voters do not have their ballots by June 14, they should contact the Pitkin County election department at 970-920-5180 to determine if a ballot was mailed to their current address.

Monday, June 18 is the last day ballots can be mailed to voters. After that date, voters must appear in person at a Voter Service and Polling Center (VSPC) to pick up a ballot or vote in person, Alberico said.