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UN inequalities

Dear Editor:In reference to a letter printed in this paper on Friday, Feb. 16, listing United Nations resolutions condemning Israel, the writer hasn’t told us anything new. Unfortunately, a significant alliance at the United Nations between Arab states and third-world countries hostile to the developed world creates an environment that displays unjustified bias and hostility toward Israel.Most people who follow these matters are very aware that although it is the very body that gave the international legal impetus for the creation of the State of Israel, the U.N. has a long history of spending too much of its valuable time obsessing about and passing bogus resolutions and condemnations against Israel. The U.N. has failed to comment on or take significant action in world problem areas like Tibet, Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia (in the past) and more recently in Sudan and Darfur. They have also withheld criticism or condemnation of nations like Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran that have histories of atrocious human rights violations. The U.N. has repeatedly and unjustifiably targeted, investigated and denounced Israel – the only true democracy and (although far from perfect) the most self-critical and conscientious country in its region.No emergency sessions of the U.N. General Assembly were convened with respect to the Chinese occupation of Tibet, the slaughters in Rwanda, the horrors of Bosnia, but for years they have been called only to condemn Israelis for such things as moving into buildings they own in territories they have a legitimate claim to. As a result of one of these sessions in October 2000, Israel was, again, unjustifiably condemned for the violence at the temple mount that marked the beginning of the second intifada, while incidents that happened at around the same time planned and initiated by the Palestinian Authority, like the lynching of two Israeli soldiers and the desecration of Joseph’s Tomb and the ancient synagogue in Jericho were set aside. Just one example of the double standard that is continually imposed on matters concerning the Israelis.Another letter was printed in The Aspen Times asking what about Israel are we “apologists” trying so hard to keep the world from knowing? As a matter of fact, although I don’t know if it’s a matter of “trying hard” or just not enough emphasis on public relations on the Israelis’ part, but to their own detriment, they have succeeded in “keeping the world from knowing” some very significant things about themselves. They have not shared stories about the tremendous contributions that their relatively small nation has made to the world – in the areas of technology, medicine, agriculture and many more. They’ve also “kept the world from knowing” how quick and effective their country has been in offering aid in response to recent crises around the world, like the Tsunami, like Hurricane Katrina and others. So, as long as I’m going to be labeled an “apologist,” for that I am happy to apologize on behalf of the Israelis.Judy S. KavaSnowmass Village

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