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Ultra Quest a positive experience

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to the Opinion column of the Aspen Times, April 19 edition, concerning Ultra Quest Sports Training and Gary Young.

All three of our kids, Ashley, Cy, and Mikie, attended this camp last summer. Nowhere in the application did it ask our religious preference. The camp was open to anyone with a desire to work hard and better themselves. Mr. Young, himself, was a strong upstanding young man with good moral character, a role model most people would want for their children. His enthusiasm and energy were contagious.

Our kids worked hard and saw results from their training. It helped them gain strength physically and mentally for their sports throughout this school year. They learned good habits, proper lifting techniques, and stretching to minimize injuries.

They had a great experience with the Ultra Quest camp and Mr. Young. We would encourage any of our valley’s youth to attend. We are sure they will experience the positive results that come from hard work and discipline taught through this program.

John and Teresa Eaton