Ugly and parked up |

Ugly and parked up

Dear Editor:John Norman hit the mark in his letter regarding parking garages (June 28) – another example of the Aspen elite ignoring the needs of the common man.Several years ago the Daily News printed my letter in which I labeled Aspen “an ugly little mountain village.” Why ugly? Too many cars parked on the streets.My suggested solution was to build several parking garages designed in a manner to blend into the Aspen scene. Space could rented by the month, so users would always be assured the same space every day. Jitney busses could run between the garages and destinations in town. One or more could provide a day care center where parents could drop children on their way to work.To encourage usage, street parking should be made more restrictive and expensive.Calling Aspen “ugly” and the idea of parking garages received little attention then, and probably will not now.Dick ProsenceMeeker

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