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U.N. is root problem

Dear Editor:Everyone out there is missing the main point of the Vietnam War. It’s question-and-answer time now, folks!How many of you remember that Vietnam, like Korea, Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia, and probably a host of other places we were involved in, were actually United Nation peace-keeping missions to begin with? That’s right, I said United Nations!Next question: How many of these places are really at peace at this moment? How many are better off as nations? How many people are living better in those places because of the United Nations?What scares me the most is the fact that Kerry, if elected, wants to put our military and sovereignty under the banner of this organization. I personally don’t trust anyone in government positions, actually H.O.A.’s all the way to federal officials. The people that run for most of these positions say what we want to hear, and once in they don’t give a flying flip about the promises made; we’re going to get what they decide is supposed to be best. Yeah, right, the government cares! I’m one for more lawyers in Congress. Get real!My late husband and two of my brothers served in ‘Nam, one Army, two Navy, my dad, WWII and Korea. I was around military most of my life, I’ve met two congressional Medal of Honor holders, four men who were prisoners of war, and many in between. These men, to me, are the real heroes, as are the men and women whose names are on that wall in Washington, D.C. These men knew it was at the United Nations’ calling, and in the end it became an American war.It also became a war that was run by our Congress, not the military. Most of the men served no less then 10 to 18 months at a time, and when Kerry states that he served four months, it makes me wonder. The things Kerry has stated that happened over there were very few and far between. Our P.O.W.s suffered more then him, and in spite of him as well. Kerry really doesn’t have a clue, and he ought to just give it up. Kerry served, so what! It made me angry that Congress was willing to listen to what he said after only four months, as opposed to the veterans with longer tours.I believed in my country then, I believe in my country now; however, not at the expense of the damned United Nations. That organization should be asked to leave our shores now, and told not to call us – We’ll call them!Ida Marie KingCarbondale


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