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Typical Andrew

Dear Editor:

Andrew Kole’s negative letter (Aspen Times, May 17) on the designated motorcycle parking spaces was typical Andrew Kole who thinks he knows everything.

We have a traffic engineering department that has been doing the best job in the country. Motorcycles, being smaller than cars, fit perfectly on the corners marked by our traffic department.

We have doctors, lawyers and a certified Indian chief who ride motorcycles in Aspen. We also have a noise ordinance that can be and should be enforced for any loud noise.

Andrew Kole, when you ran for political office, you were defeated by one of the largest margins in the history of Aspen. That should have told you that the people of Aspen don’t need your advice.

I have lived in Aspen for 50 years; you are the furthest thing from an Aspenite that I have ever met. You don’t participate in any of the Aspen sports. Your sport is acting like you know more than anyone else.

And, I agree with Glenn Smith’s letter that it would be nice if you spent the rest of your time in Aspen being a mime.

Tom Daly



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