Two win-win ideas |

Two win-win ideas

Dear Editor:

I have two ideas I’d like to propose:

1. Burlingame is short of money, $85 million dollars or so. It seems from what I read the city owns the land, and the infrastructure is in place. So there is a parcel of land, divided into lots, with utilities. How about sell the lots, some “affordable,” some free market? Get the money and pay off that shortfall.

2. The city wants a new office building. Sell all the property they own in the city. Put historic restrictions or whatever on them. Take that money and build a city office and meeting building on the BCM property or some land in the neighborhood. Not only do they get their building and the taxpayers get a break, but there are other advantages for the community: less car traffic driving into and out of town for work, more parking spaces for people in town, added vitality and commerce for the ABC. Free buses take people to and from town for government business, there’s space for parking lots and there’s a bike path.

Consider it.

Carol Farino



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