Two tired doggies |

Two tired doggies

Joel Stonington

Aspen, CO ColoradoBUTTERMILK I skinned up West Buttermilk with a friend and two huskies on Thursday morning, getting down was the difficult part. We passed the top of the lift and went out into a sort of backcountry-with-training-wheels area. It’s this nice little open glade that has a gentle slope. We de-skinned, enjoyed the morning air for a bit and decided to get some turns in.Only, the two doggies (one a 6-year-old an the other a 12-year-old) were immediately post-holing up to their chest. It was be like trying to run through 60 inches of freshly fallen snow.Needless to say, they couldn’t really hang. The young husky could sort of do it, but the older doggie just sat down quickly with that stubborn “I’m not going anywhere” face. The younger dog had the spunk to keep going, but it was at less than one mile an hour. So I gave him the old bear hug, flung him over my shoulder, and away we went. Of course, his legs were scrambling and his head was cracking against my head. And my buddy said the dog had a huge grin but I sure couldn’t see it. In fact, I couldn’t see anything because my face was buried in fur. After a few hundred yards and sore arms, I would toss him into the powder. Then my buddy would come cruising by with the older one perched on his arm, looking happily over his shoulder. Eventually we got smart and put the older dog into my friend’s backpack. At first the husky didn’t like the idea but once she settled, she was happy as a clam. It was just her head sticking out and she didn’t so much as move a muscle until we got onto Government Trail, which was more solid. By the time we got back to the car my arms were sore from carrying an 80-pound husky, and my sides were sore from laughing.

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