Two teens face slate of charges after alleged crime spree |

Two teens face slate of charges after alleged crime spree

Two teenagers are facing a raft of felony and misdemeanor charges after allegedly stealing three cars, breaking into seven more and stealing from their Snowmass Village neighbors two months ago, according to court documents.

Though the incidents occurred in mid-April, investigators with the Aspen Police Department only recently sorted out who did what and filed the charges against Perry Vresilovic and Caleb Rucker, both 19, this week in Pitkin County District Court.

The two men were previously arrested in April by Snowmass Village police and charged with burglary and theft for allegedly burglarizing their neighbors’ apartment at the Snowmass Club Commons and stealing a drone, a gold necklace, a silver bracelet, earbuds, sunglasses, a glass bong and a key fob to one of the residents’ cars, according to an arrest warrant affidavit filed in court.

Police first honed in on Vresilovic and Rucker because the residents of the burglarized apartment suspected “their ‘sketchy’ neighbor Perry … and another guy that is crashing with him that has face tattoos,” according to the affidavit. One of the residents also gave police text messages from Vresilovic in which he stated that that “his ‘boy’ Rucker took the items …” the affidavit states.

When Rucker was arrested near the Club Commons on April 16, he had the keys to his girlfriend’s car in his pocket.

“When placed in the police vehicle, Rucker later screamed, ‘I love you, Perry!’” according to the affidavit, written by an Aspen police officer.

Police then contacted Rucker’s girlfriend at her home in the North 40 subdivision, where she told officers that Rucker and Vresilovic brought multiple bags to her home after midnight on April 16. She also said Vresilovic was hiding in a bedroom upstairs.

“Vresilovic was contacted in the bedroom, hiding between the bed and the wall,” the affidavit states. “After not responding to calls, Vresilovic eventually came out of his hiding spot and was arrested.”

Perry Vresilovic
Caleb Rucker

At the North 40 home, officers found a key fob to a 2011 Porsche Cayenne stolen April 14 from the 300 block of North Second Street, keys to a 2007 Toyota Highlander stolen April 14 from the 900 block of Ute Avenue and keys to a 2019 Chevrolet Suburban stolen April 14 from the 200 block of East Hallam Street. They also found items stolen from some of the seven vehicles that were burglarized, according to the affidavit.

The Suburban was recovered next to the Snowmass Club Commons, the Highlander was recovered a block from where the Suburban was taken and the Cayenne was discovered 100 yards from Rucker’s girlfriend’s home at the North 40. Damage to the Cayenne amounted to more than $15,000, though the other two vehicles were found undamaged.

The total value of all the items taken totaled between about $112,000 and $134,000, including more than $600 in fraudulent charges on a credit card stolen from one vehicle, according to the affidavit.

Vresilovic was charged with three counts of aggravated motor vehicle theft, four counts of first-degree criminal trespassing and criminal mischief — all felonies — as well as seven counts of misdemeanor theft. Rucker was charged with one count of identity theft, three counts of aggravated motor vehicle theft, four counts of first-degree criminal trespassing, one count of criminal mischief — all felonies — and seven counts of misdemeanor theft.

Both men are also facing felony burglary and felony theft charges in connection to the alleged burglary of their neighbors’ apartment.

Rucker was advised of the charges against him Monday and remained Friday in the Garfield County Jail, where Pitkin County Jail prisoners are currently being held. Vresilovic remains out of custody and is scheduled to be advised of the latest charges against him Tuesday by District Judge Anne Norrdin.


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