Two lost skiers spent night huddled under tree |

Two lost skiers spent night huddled under tree

The Associated Press
Aspen, CO Colorado

LEADVILLE, Colo. – Two skiers rescued from the backcountry near Leadville spent the night huddled under a tree in a sleeping bag.

Kira Davis and Duc Ong, both visiting from Hawaii, were found by a Colorado Army National Guard helicopter on Saturday.

They got lost while skiing from one ski hut to another seven miles away on Christmas Day and called 911. They were told to stay put but rescue teams weren’t able to find them Friday.

Authorities say the temperature dropped to 10 below zero that night, with a wind chill of about minus 20.

Ong said they used to trees to help block the wind a bit and tried to keep moving so they wouldn’t become numb.

Kira Davis says she still loves Colorado and its mountains but not the cold weather.

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