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‘Two Cities’ not so different

Dear Editor:I think you can do better in writing about Basalt then you did in the past week’s cover story of the Times Weekly. Showing pictures of private property – Charlie Moss’ boarded-up building, a couple of junk cars and the five thistle plants in the foreground of Bob Hite’s fine store at Willits – as being representative of “Basalt West” is a pretty weak case supporting the idea that the area is neglected by the town of Basalt.The area has been a construction zone for the past 10 years or so, with large frontages on Highway 82. This will never have the funky, small-town feeling of the old town, where there is a true proprietary attachment to the town’s ambiance. I would suggest the author take a stroll down the back alleys in the old town area, where you can find some bigger thistles, junkier cars, and perhaps more soda or beer cans.I understand from a conversation with Basalt town gardener extraordinaire Lisa Denardo that as of last week she and her crew had already begun infusing their green thumb art magic in a few select pockets in the Willits Lane area. What Willits does not have are the little fishing, train playing, cowboy bronze boys that have been loitering on Midland Avenue in front of Alpine Bank for the past couple of years.I have faith in the powers-that-be at Willits that the “New Urbanism,” elixir of youthful vigor, when completed, will be real squeaky-clean and nice places to live with possibly their own bronzed statues but without any thistles or junk cars. Once the thistles and junk cars are removed, you can be sure that there will be laments calling for the return of the good old days of thistles and junk cars in western Basalt. Enjoy them while you can! As a resident of original Basalt, I support the town paying more attention to the western annexed area of Basalt. It is the private businesses and residents that really can put the shine on the area. I look forward to seeing the flowers bloom in spring.Mark KwiecienskiBasalt

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