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Twisting words

Dear Editor:Sue Gray wrote that Dr. Hamid says the U.S. should use more force and be more brutal. Dr. Hamid own words, “Military power has to be used effectively,” he said.Ms. Non-Gray matter also said, “If Dr. Hamid had presented a more well-rounded view of the jihadist movement that included the various complex motivations, I would give his appearance in Aspen more credence and commend the local members of ALERT for bringing a better understanding of the issues to our community. But his perspective was so skewed to one side.”Hamid said his mission now is to speak out against radical Islam, and that his studies of the Quran show it has been misinterpreted to advocate hatred, violence and killing of all who do not follow radical Islam’s fundamentalist views and laws.These are just some examples how Sue Gray twists and manipulates the words into her agenda. At no time did Dr. Hamid vilify his own religion as Ms. Gray also wrote.Jerome MarksBasalt

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