Twisted facts |

Twisted facts

Dear Editor:

Just to clear up some twisted facts concerning David Grimes’s letter (Letters to the Editor, Sept. 11). Most of what you said makes a little sense, however, when you said someone bashed the Aspen Ideas Festival you were way offbase.

The Institute happened to make the original Resnick name change decision about the same time as the Ideas Festival was in session and the writer was referring to that decision, more or less in jest, and nothing malicious was said about the Aspen Ideas Festival itself in any way, shape or form.

I happen to know this because I wrote the letter.

So David, on your next infrequent high season arrival here to your second home, make sure you do a better job of dusting off those old newspapers so you can read them more correctly while you’re catching up on what you’ve missed.

Don Dixon


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