Twelfth teenager arrested |

Twelfth teenager arrested

Yet another local teen-ager has been arrested in connection with a recent crime spree in the Aspen-Snowmass area.

Alex Cassatt, 19, turned himself in at the Pitkin County Jail Monday evening, after learning that police held a warrant for his arrest related to the Aug. 4 burglary of the Take 2 video store in Aspen.

Cassatt was released on a $25,000 personal recognizance bond, meaning his family did not have to pay a bail bondsman but agreed to pay the bond if he flees to avoid prosecution.

According to police, Cassatt was working at the Take 2 shop in early August. On the night of Aug. 4, according to court documents, Cassatt handed over the key to the store to his friend, Moses Greengrass.

Cassatt reportedly admitted, in an interview with Aspen Police Investigator Glenn Schaffer in late November, that he knew Greengrass, 18, and Jacob Richards, also 18, planned to burglarize the store.

The two reportedly went into the store that night and took roughly $450 from a cash register, a deposit bag and a video box used to hold rental deposits.

Richards, in a separate interview with Schaffer, allegedly said that after Greengrass left the store on the night of the burglary, he broke the glass plate on the door so “it wouldn’t look like an inside job, to protect Alex.”

A witness reportedly saw “a tall, thin man with a white T-shirt” running away from the area of the store that night, after hearing the glass door break. The witness did not call police at the time, but later called the store owner to report the sighting.

At the same time that Richards and Greengrass were burglarizing Take 2, according to court documents, Cassatt and a third suspect, Cody Wille, 17, drove out to the Airport Liquors store where Wille allegedly tossed a brick through the window in order to steal some booze.

According to both Wille and Cassatt, only Wille went into the liquor store after breaking the window.

Wille allegedly told police on Nov. 14 that the four partners “all met up back at Wille’s residence after the burglaries,” and that “Wille, Richards and Greengrass then went back to Airport Liquors to burglarize it a second time that same night.”

Richards told police that he netted about $150 that night, and that Cassatt was paid “over a hundred” for providing the key to the video store.

Cassatt, according to Schaffer’s affidavit and arrest warrant, has denied receiving any money that night.

Schaffer said Tuesday that no charges are expected against Wille, Richards or Greengrass in connection with the Take 2 and Airport Liquors burglaries on Aug. 4. Cassatt is not expected to be charged in connection with the Airport Liquors incident, although the decision on such matters is up to the district attorney’s office.

Deputy District Attorney Lawson Wills was not available for comment Tuesday.

Wille is already charged with involvement in the Aug. 5 armed robbery of Clark’s Market in Aspen. Richards faces charges in both the Clark’s robbery and the burglary of a Twining Flats home on Sept. 20. Greengrass is facing charges in connection with the Clark’s and Twining Flats incidents, as well as the Aug. 19 armed robbery at The Village Market in Snowmass Village.

Cassatt, an Aspen native, is the son of longtime Aspen residents Chris and Lauren Cassatt. Both his parents are former full-time employees of The Aspen Times, and Chris is currently a cartoonist for the paper.

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