Tweet All About It: Whine and cheese ‪ |

Tweet All About It: Whine and cheese ‪

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday’s page A2.

• “Whose bright idea was it to install the Snowmass roundabout during summer season?” — @schobrien

• “There is a movie theater in aspen called Isis. I’m just curious how and why and what were you thinking” — @MartinaCancelo

• “The thought of Aspen & legal weed really gets me” — @OneFlyFatGuy

• “#Aspen is an island to its own; even the bad is still perfect.” — @justglenn

• “Who’s ready for #fwclassic in #Aspen?” — @TheLittleNell

• “@blackberryfrm I’m so excited about your upcoming dinner on top of #aspen mountain at #FWClassic! Counting down the days!” — @FoodJules

• “After bus issues, finally arrived into #Aspen and happily found my #Kimpton #Goldfish waiting for me!” — @MegaBlonde

• OMG. There are 30 people on this plane. It is so NOT okay to fart!!! #trapped #Aspen” — @CLA__LALA

• “I look better at #higheraltitudes. In #Aspen I looked young & my skin was perfect; back in #NYC I look like the Mom from #TheGoonies.” — @ItsMattsTurn

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Forest Service unveils proposal to help beleaguered elk herd

February 19, 2020

Studies by Colorado Parks and Wildlife show the survival of elk calves in the Roaring Fork Valley has dropped about 33 percent in the last decade. White River National Forest officials said they need to act to try to reserve that trend. They are seeking public comment on their plan.

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