Tweet all about it: The issues of Aspen |

Tweet all about it: The issues of Aspen

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ASPEN – Each week we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday.Here’s what we found – in their unedited form – last week:• “Why does the fax machine from aspen valley ambulance keep calling my work number?” – @khascat• “Remember John Denver week is here! Also remember my first book Christmas In Aspen has John’s songs included!!” – @JSheeleyBooks• “Going to Aspen is good for my productivity, but I’m spending a lot more money on coffee than I should.” – @Dan_Water• “Finally found a hardware store that carries the adapter hose for my bbq grill! I hope finding stuff in Aspen isn’t always this hard.” – @B_radleyFry• “Should have never given this dude from Aspen my number. Calls & txts me atleast once a week like no dude. That needs to stop” – @LissaM11• “This giant mountain wave cloud just won’t get out of town! Keeping Denver cool, we’re cooler than Aspen right now.” – @LaurenCBS4• “Shout out to Aspen School District for hosting over 2000 students at the college fair last Sunday! Get job Aspen! Great hosts!” – @Eaglegass• “Liberals congregate in beautiful areas that Conservatives developed such as Aspen, etc.” – @sistertoldjah • “Today I feel very collegiate…probably because of my hipster sweater, moccasins, and Aspen coffee cup – @smiley_maile19• “Turned on tv. General Hospital. The lady who was the rich woman in i think Aspen Extreme… How freaking old are you?” – @THEchrisHOKE• “I love thrift stores!! Just got 2 great items of clothes for photo shoots (or myself) for $7 In Aspen too.” – @BrittneyKitiara• “First full day in Aspen and we’re at a Mexican restaurant. Go figure” – @EricPuenteRocksThe Aspen Times is on Twitter as well. Simply type “TheAspenTimes” (no spaces) into the search bar, and get daily updates on what’s happening in the Roaring Fork Valley.

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