Tweet All About It: Summer skies, snowy peaks |

Tweet All About It: Summer skies, snowy peaks

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday’s page A2.

“My latest #adventure in the #AmericanWest! How majestic our country is! My husband + I finally felt it was safe to meet my new granddaughter in #Aspen!” — @pamflavors

“A flawless late summer day in #Aspen @ 81° with crystal blue skies, getting to enjoy The Monarch Steakhouse’s take on a smoked Old Fashioned: Burning Man, with High West Campfire bourbon and cherrywood smoke. I know how what a good one tastes like, and…yum!” — @ScottSweetow

“Think there’s nothing to do in #Aspen due to COVID? Think again! From mountain biking to champagne sabering, one recent vacationer shares her favorite moments and the precautions Aspen #tourism has taken to keep visitors safe.” — @bwildinaspen

“Aspen is filled with tons of uber-expensive restaurants but we stick to ski-town standbys. Pulled Pork, pizza, Tex-Mex, etc., and my all-time favorite, barbecue ribs, yum! #travelswithsheila #aspen” — @sheilaatravels

“Fall in #Aspen. Nothing compares. Volume up #RockyMountainHigh #Colorado Also…don’t drive and video in the mountains” — @trainmilehigh

“FYI, If you’re looking for homes, #Aspen has very little inventory left. Hustle up guys! #MorningSquawk” — @onemarymarks

“Well that escalated quickly! Sept 1, 2020: snow on the ground in #Aspen at 11,000 feet.” — @AspenLodging

“Took my view hunting skills to new heights. We rode the Silver Queen Gondola up to this incredible outlook. Summer in Aspen doesn’t mess around.” — @livingbylex

“Growing up in #Colorado I thought the world looked like this, when you go over #independence pass, #Aspen it’s a race course of the thinnest roads. Green beauty beyond the clouds, into the stars. I have been between peaks on the #saddle when a thunderstorm rolled in, closecall” — @Littlelittles17

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