Tweet All About It: Snowy slopes bring the crowds |

Tweet All About It: Snowy slopes bring the crowds

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday’s page A2.

“What happens to D2 and Seirios off season. I watched them loaded on board at the start. Where do they spend the winter? Aspen perhaps!!” — @RobertaKirby47

“the guy realizes that “flying out to Aspen and drinking egg nog with Bob Thomas’’ is not as important as family” — JackPosobiec

“@united airlines is doing an amazing job in #Aspen! Plane couldn’t land due to snow, so they bring out snacks and good cheer to help pass the time while we wait for it to come back. #bravo #loveflyingunited #aspenco” — @Brooklynn_A

“back in #aspen HUGE dumps are imminent. #skiing #colorado” — @AspenSpin

“Do we need more of #Aspen’s elitist thinking to quash the growth in #populism, or has it had its day?” — @Fizzinnf

“Anyone ever been to #Aspen ? Going for thanksgiving and the last week of Nov. So excited!! Any good recs?” — @k_inthecity

“Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? #Aspen dressed to impress this morning! @ Aspen, Colorado” — @MollyGibson101

“Terrain Update. Hope your legs are ready for T2Bs tomorrow. Thanks to a FOOT of new snow, the Silver Queen Gondola will be open for skiing/riding tomorrow, along with Ajax Express and Bell Mountain Chair, accessing 148 acres of open trails!” — @AspenSnowmass

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