Tweet all about it: On the road again |

Tweet all about it: On the road again

Staff reportThe Aspen TimesAspen, CO, Colorado

ASPEN – Each week we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday.Here’s what we found – in their unedited form – last week:• “I could also drive to Aspen, yeah, but Independence Pass scares the bejesus out of me” – @beckyjewell• “Yes, I did pee in a bottle while driving through Aspen in a tribute to Dumb & Dumber.” – @A_tumnBrown• “Now that we’ve banned plastic bags in #Aspen, I think it’s time we turn our attention to tourists overuse of fanny packs.” – @ozskier• “Facebook: ‘See my fabulous photos from my Aspen trip’ Twitter: ‘Almost got into a fight at Walmart over the last Slim Jim’ – @MistookMistake • “Just got an email deal to go ‘fishing out of a helicopter in Aspen.’ I must have somehow got on the RichDouchebagGroupons list.” – @WendiAarons• “Not many people would be super excited about a 400 mile drive to work… Me? I’m stoked. Aspen! …where the beer flows like wine” – @_CJWilly• “Outside were twelve additional cottages, and the closer you were to Aspen, of course, the more important you were.” – @lihotaxuzuha• “If I were to have a honey moon, I would love it to be in Aspen Colorado.” – @NessaTooRaw• “I’m at La Cantina (Aspen, Colorado)” – @kevinwburtonThe Aspen Times is on Twitter, as well. Simply type in “TheAspenTimes” (no spaces) into the search bar, and get daily updates on what’s happening in the Roaring Fork Valley.