Tweet All About It: In good company |

Tweet All About It: In good company

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday’s page A2.

• “CO Gov. Hickenlooper should send Syrian refugees to Aspen. Aspen loves affordable housing & has a great movie theater” — @carengoodrich

• “Stoked to receive my official invite for the 2016 @xgames today! Get ready aspen, I’m coming for yah!…” — AlexMassieSBX

• “No better feeling than buying plane tickets to somewhere fun see you in January, Aspen” — @jbea30

• “Pumped to see Levi LaVallee invited back to Winter X Games Aspen for both snowmobile events!” — @teamlavallee

• “Wish I didn’t live 4 hours from Aspen 🙁 I want to go to @XGames so bad” — @its_lexxay

• “‘We were suppose to spend Thanksgiving in Paris but thanks to some assholes, now we’re going to Aspen instead.’ Must be rough kid.” — @USHistoryTchr

• “Congratulations to @nationalbook award winner Adam Johnson! He’ll be in #Aspen on Feb 13 for Winter Words #NBAwards” — @AspenWords

• “this aspen trip.. i promise to ride elk back (w/ a herd of other elk) to town, rip off a buick hood, and ski dat bih down the highest peak!” — @Wizz_Dumb

• “The best places to hobknob are events like Aspen and Davos, where the wealthy get to pretend they have empathy.” — @Honest_Hillary

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Aspen government immune from development fees

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The city of Aspen’s office building is exempt from paying encroachment fees, yet private developers have to now pay $9 a square foot, per month, starting in 2020.

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