Tweet All About It: Holiday rides on the gondola |

Tweet All About It: Holiday rides on the gondola

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen:

“Feeling blessed. Opening Day for the #Aspen Gondola“ – @scottnbeck

“#united tells me my flight was cancelled because of “air traffic control conditions.” but since it’s beautiful weather at both departure and destination, I’m thinking aliens. #LAX #Aspen” – @Francis_Watts

“Don’t spark a wildfire this 4th of July. Fireworks – OF ANY KIND – are not welcome in Pitkin County. More info: #PitkinCounty #Wildfire #Aspen #CityOfAspen” – @cityofaspen

“.@RevZilla had these two guys recreate #DumbAndDumber & they’re now my heroes. 60mpg on the HOGDash symbol to #Aspen. Clapper board the whole video is great. glad you didn’t die.” – @KADENRADIO

“Day 2 Riding in #Aspen with my wife Jordan!! My new riding partner.” – @marceloclaure

“Vacation mode is exactly-what-I-needed mode. #aspen #snowmass #photoofcathedrallake #hikingandbikingandeatinganddrinkingandlivemusicingohmy” – @kira_shalom

“Feeling jolts of inspiration flowing back. Feels great. ⁦@AspenCO⁩ #hiking #aspen“ – @AmyTaraKoch

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