Tweet All About It: Aspen: The food, the views, the bears

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday’s page A2.

“The beautifully kind people of the #RoaringForkValley are some of the most humble people I have ever encountered and are the front-line workers in #Aspen tasked to serve the over privileged, inconsiderate and now thanks in part to COwens, the criminal #serialspreaders of #COVID19“ – @AyeshaBogart

“…drive down the road less than 10 minutes away, and gas is suddenly, magically, abscent of the #Aspen gas tax. Seriously, gas is $1/gal cheaper outside of #Aspen. I might have have a picture of all of the rich and famous jets sticking their asses out over the tamarc too.” – @toddkleinhans

“Gotta love #Aspen” – @JohnnyJet

“A culinary gem has just touched down in #Aspen! Celebrity chef Angelo Elias’ @casa_dangelo is Aspen’s newest spot serving up authentic Italian cuisine paired with a full bar and a view of Aspen Mountain!” – @garyfeldman

“Keeping a safe space from wildlife prevents disruption, and possible altercations. Listen to your better nature and keep your distance. Bear face #KeepWildlifeWild #BearAware #CityOfAspen #Aspen #BeBearAware #WildLivesCO #AspenBears @COParksWildlife” – @cityofaspen

“This doesn’t even look real. But it is. #Aspen” -@MsTerryMcMillan

“#Aspen Million dollar views baby” – @dredrizzydredre

“Labor Day weekend I’ll be performing 4 ten hour sets each day for the Motherlode Volleyball Classic in Aspen! Volleyball One of the most popular beach volleyball tournaments in the country. #beachvolleyball #aspen” – @TropicalWaffle1