Tweet All About It Aspen: Name dropping |

Tweet All About It Aspen: Name dropping

Tweet All About It

Each week we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets about Aspen (at least those that are printable) and publish them on Sunday's page A2. Here's what we found last week, in their unedited form:

• "Forget NYPD Police Commisioner R. Kelly, I really feel bad for Aspen Police Chief Richard Pryor." — J_Lauer

• "Hakeem Olajuwon says a Howard-Lin combo could be 'very deadly' after working with them in Aspen" — @HoustonRockets

• "Aspen is, well, Aspen. Its not only for the rich and famous. Its for all of us. " — @dcmdoug

• Why do all the richy rich ppl go to Aspen if you want a classy ski town go to Breckinridge that's my hometown its the best town in CO" — @indiotheidiot

• "Has rained 4 some part of every day since Aug 1 in #Aspen – my prediction is a doozy of a winter/ski season! Book ur tkts now or miss out!" — @ShellyHamill

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• "Awesome run this morning in the mountain air – first snow in Aspen and you can feel the chill in Denver :)" — @GrimeyGatsb

• "A little snow on the peaks this morning in #Aspen Shame my camera isn't good enough to capture it. You'll have to come visit!" — @jeffhembury

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