Tweet all about it: Aspen lights up Twittersphere

Staff reportThe Aspen TimesAspen, CO, Colorado

Editor’s note: “Tweet All About It” typically runs Sundays, but given the inordinate number of tweets about Colorado’s legalization of marijuana and how it relates to Aspen, we’re running a special segment – call it “Weed All About It” – Thursday. • “If only Aspen, CO resident Hunter Thompson was still alive to see this” – @mikeburma• “I fully expect Aspen Institute, Silicon Flatirons, and TPI’s Aspen Forum to generate more interesting ideas now that CO has legalized pot.” – @castrotech• “If my dad were still here, we’d be moving to Aspen today. Weed & Peyton Manning are among his favorite things on Earth” – @K8theGinger• “I’ve always wanted to go to aspen to learn how to snowboard and now I can burn while learning it” – @mikelefosse• “Well my next trip will be aspen! Most beautiful place already just got better!!!” – @Americanbeau_• “Kudo’s to Washington and Colorado states for their legalisation of recreational use of marijuana Aspen will be booming this ski season…” – @g_j_andrew• “Colorado is now pot friendly next trip I’m planning? Could go for some shredding in Aspen” – @Bahm92• “Now that weed is legal in colorado I might go to aspen, I’ve never been before, in my life, to aspen, I’ve never been so itd be cool and new” – @McBars415• “Colorado? Legalized marijuana? Pack your bags! Last minute trip to Aspen!” – @FredoGodinez• “I’ve wanted to go to Aspen since the first time I saw Dumb & Dumber so this who legalization thing just confirmed me needin to go” – @Purp_n_Punch• “Our ski trip to aspen finna be so live now that Mary Jane can be there!” – @ahhneed_money• “This is just a hunch but I think Aspen is going to have a spike in tourism over the winter” – @PatMaccormack• “‘a place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano’…and weed’s legal #Aspen” – @bjones_51• “My ski trip to aspen this winter just got a whole lot wilder” – @Large_Curly_fRY• “My dream of owning a cabin in Aspen, Colorado became 100% better as of last night. My snowboard and bong are going to love this!” – @RachelDonovan1• “Love snowboarding. If I liked pot, I’d be moving to Aspen.” – @ONsadie• “Yesterday’s election solidified skiing as my favorite sport. Wish I was going on the ski club trip out to aspen his year….” – @adammechling• “So u could go to Aspen, snowboard while u blow chronic? Wow” – @MrGardenStateThe Aspen Times is on Twitter, as well. Simply type “TheAspenTimes” (no spaces) into the search bar, and get daily updates on what’s happening in the Roaring Fork Valley.