Tweet All About It: Aspen is officially reopen

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday’s page A2.

“Great time at aspendirtbikeschool today! The kids did great! @jimmiejohnson was showing us how to air it out pretty good!” — @CJMearsGang

“Not gonna lie this “easy” hike of Maroon Bells to Crater Lake was a bit difficult for me. But the journey was wonderful and I can always take one more step. #Hiking #Aspen” — @bp22

“If anyone in #Aspen lost a very expensive bracelet near St Mary Church, I have it (police station was locked to turn it in), and want to get it back to its rightful owner!” — @jaymelamm

“I’m not sure this was the optimal choice of #hiking #trails for my #Wednesday leisurely #hike up #Snowmass #Mountain. #paralyzed #14sleeves #Aspen #AspenColorado #Colorado #hikingtrails #hikingColorado” — @leftarmcomedy

“After 100 days of not #traveling the first chance I got I hopped on a plane to #aspen. I knew I would like it my first visit 4 years ago, but had no idea how much I would connect with the town, people …” — @Galavante

“I’m prepping for my next fitness challenge in #Aspen. The goal of this trip is to complete 255 miles (410 km) in 20 days while carrying a minimum of 50 lbs additional weight, and a resting heart rate 44 bpm or below. DEFEAT IS NOT AN OPTION! #HoustonStrong” — @SamirBecic

“#Aspen. So #Disappointing that even the #Firework is cancelled with thev #Pretext of #Corona #Yuk” — @AzitaMu

“I was planning to fly back home to #Aspen on @united, but now we’re probably going to drive #UnitedAirlines, @AmericanAir to Lift Limits on Seating Capacity #travel #airlines #covidtravel” — @roving81611

“Last day in #aspen! D golfed & E & I got to explore #ashcroftghosttown ! Super cool & super windy Growing up on W. Coast I (heart) a good #ghosttown #Happysummer #bdaytrip #familyvacay” — @KarenBrownTV

“Just before the #coronavirus shutdown I was skiing at #Aspen Snowmass so this sticker is counting day 77 of exile. Flew home and next day #ski areas started closing, breaking my heart. It’s become a Where’s Waldo challenge finding the ski-sticker-of-the-day so good luck” — @JeanetteDeForge

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