Tweet All About It: Any ideas? |

Tweet All About It: Any ideas?

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets about Aspen (at least those that are printable) and print them on Sunday’s page A2.

Here’s what we found last week, in unedited form:

• “Goldman CEO Lloyd Blanfein in Aspen. Seems to be in a jolly mood. Lots of belly laughs” — @PoornimaGupta

• “Karl Rove calls Aspen ‘Moscow in the mountains.’ Which counts as an Aspen idea, I guess.” — @JeffreyGoldberg

• “Made it to Aspen (from Kona). Immediately headed out for a hike up Ajax. Damn near died.” — @lancearmstrong

• “Only in aspen would the Burberry employees come to work wearing hiking boots and Patagonia #typical” — @haveuseenMOLLY_

• “That’s a new one for my dress code lexicon: ‘Aspen Casual’ LOL! Rhinestone cowboy boots?” — @JuneauXena‬

• “LMAO: Stop. My sides R hurting. I’m banned from the Aspen Institute, but can I submit ?s on ART in writing w/out jail” — @artistinaspen

• “My colleague @MissMillennial had her stainless steel Aspen travel mug absconded by someone in office. Where’s the NSA when you need them?” — @meighanstone

• “#Aspen folks-MAX has been FOUND! He was under my apartment in the utility hole @comcast opened to re-wire the cable!” — @RobDET

• “A little place called Aspen! Dumb and Dumber ‘to’ is coming out soon?!?! Cannot wait!” — @GretchenBleiler

• “I have now become a ‘regular’ at the #Aspen #library — not sure what this says about me…” — @arFit

• “Off to Aspen Ideas Fest tomorrow — think I’m equally excited about the event and the gorgeous drive. Let me know if you’re in Aspen!” — @RachelKleinfeld

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