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Tweet All About It

Staff report

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday’s page A2.

• “When the rainbows go up you know it’s time for @aspengayskiweek! #aspen” — @TheLittleNell

• “The best show on snow is taking shape in Aspen, Colorado! #XGames is goin’ down Jan. 28-31 on ESPN and ABC.” — @XGames

• “RIP Aspen McDonalds. Forever may you live within the hearts of Aspen High Schoolers. You will be missed” — @ashley_henschel

• “Ready for 2016. X Games Aspen, LA, Coachella, NYC. And that’s all by May. Live the life you wanna live. #Blessed” — @risabby

• “Leaving Aspen today… What a freaking bummer man. MRI within the next week hopefully!! I want my knee back” — @justincroark

• “The Snowmass Terrain Parks are fully open!” — @MollyGibson101

• “I can’t wait until this TU week is over so I can be relaxing in Aspen…. Soaking in natural hot springs starring at snow mountains :)” — @JANEdistrito

• “Can’t even find hotels around Aspen lol. And the ones that are available are like 240 a night.” —@DavidSsandman

• “Can’t wait to watch @NickGoepper take gold at the @XGames in Aspen!” — @GabriellaMunoz

• “This snow princess is shopping for her trip to aspen finally one more week” — @Nataliee__10

• “Excited to announce that I have joined @DreamTeamGG and will be coaching their Halo team at the Winter X Games in Aspen later this month!” — @dT_Spikemouth

• I’m sorry, but how does video games count as sports? Better yet, WHY IS IT GOING TO BE AT XGAMES?!? Halo at XGames aspen… Why why why?” — @RileyABaller

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