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Tweet All About It


Each week we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets about Aspen (at least those that are printable) and publish them on Sunday’s page A2.

• “It’s official. Aspen Mountain is open for skiing and snowboarding this weekend. Endless winter continues. Let’s party.” — @ozskier

• “I wanna go snowboarding at aspen in a tee and shorts so badly this weekend” — @brandiclayy

• “Aspen mountain reopening for the weekend due to snow. Ski one day, bike/swim the next. Fabulous.” — @MtnMD

• “Great snow up on Indy Pass this morning. Hope the dust stays covered for a while” —@maxtaam

• “I just booked my flight to Aspen and now I can’t stop quoting Dumb and Dumber.” —@CORINSANITY

• “All I want in life is to go to Aspen. A girl can dream, right?” —@hayleyg15

• “Thank You Portraits of Hope for letting us come and paint with you and your cause!! Challenge Aspen had a blast!!” —@ChallengeAspen

• “When I have a daughter one day I’m naming her Aspen” —@MadisonRenee19

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