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Turning the dream into a nightmare

Dear Editor: Roger, after reading your column today (The Aspen Times, March 3) I had to respond.You said, “We’re enraged about the economics.”This is true. I’m personally enraged about the economics. You see Roger, I WAS an American construction worker. I say was because I can no longer support my family on what builders are willing to pay. The final straw came when I was fired from a foreman’s job because I didn’t speak Spanish.”Migrant workers do not just tax the system. They provide backbreaking services that few U.S. citizens will perform at the low wages necessary to keep end products at prices we deem ‘fair.'”I take it from this sentence that protecting American workers stops as soon as you feel it costs too much. When you speak of ‘fair’, is it fair to cost a citizen his livelihood in the name of ‘cost-reduction’? I guess writing for a living has shielded you from the brute force of the ‘marketplace.’ Lucky you.I don’t blame anyone who wants a better life in America; just get here LEGALLY!We blame illegal immigrants for taking jobs from Americans, and, yes, American, I mean. Multinational industry is a major contributor to the destruction of the working and middle class, and as the outsourcing continues we see more Americans competing for those same lower-wage jobs.”Yes, we need to have immigration laws. And yes, we need to enforce them. But …. We have to be realistic.”Realistic it is, then. We may NOT stop 100 percent or even 90 percent, but every one we do stop is another American job saved. And frankly, I have enough problems and no time to worry about destitute foreigners; I’m more worried about destitute Americans. Because they lack the pedigree …. “They” are not United States citizens.That’s what sovereign nations do, Roger. We have the right to decide who can live here. As for the charges of racism, you should understand that this is about all illegal aliens, regardless of their country of origin. It has zero to do with anyone’s race. Americans are the most giving nation in the world, but with hospitals closing, jails bulging and our children being poorly educated in overcrowded, portable trailers in order to accommodate the rising tide, where should we draw the line?”… The true difference that separates us is random luck of birthright and the proper filing of paperwork.””Illegal alien” is the grammatically correct term, and I wouldn’t call the American birthright luck. It was bought and paid for with the lives of thousands upon thousands of American patriots who put their country first. Why is it so hard for you to do the same? Granting legal status to 20 million people who broke our laws to get here is nothing more than a slap in the face to all the legal immigrants that filled out endless forms, submitted to medical and criminal screenings and waited years for their shot at the ‘American Dream’.Jeff Hermann Oxford, Ga.

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