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Turn your ski boots into shoes – sort of

Have you wondered about these contraptions that you see locked to benches and ski racks at the bottom of the hill?

They’re Walk E-Z soles that snap onto your ski boots so you can walk almost as if you were in street shoes. Almost.There is a tread and a rockered curve on the bottom that allows a rolling motion instead of the Frankensteinian lurch that ski boots force you into. The curved bottom sets these apart from the Cat Tracks, which stretch on like galoshes. Not only do Walk E-Zs protect your boot soles from wearing down and providing traction like Cat Tracks, but also they improve the mechanics of locomotion. They’re not quite like shoes, but with a little practice you can roll along quite a bit more comfortably than with flat soles. The promotional material features Picabo Street wearing them. And if she doesn’t think that’s a wussy way to get to the hill, then why should we?

Here are some pros and cons of the Walk E-Zs.PROS: They come in several sizes and are engineered to be compatible with any ski boot. The clamp-and-spring system, reminiscent of some cross-country bindings, is actually quicker and cleaner to snap on and off than those stretchy plastic Cat Tracks that you have to wrestle with while getting your hands all muddy and frozen. They appear sturdy enough to last a lifetime, made of rubber and metal. If you are a bit gimpy, like me, they do ease the pain of walking in ski boots.

CONS: They are beefy and add noticeable weight to schlep on your feet. And they’re too bulky to tuck into your pant cuffs or a pocket while you ski. A lightweight cable lock comes with the Walk E-Zs, with a combination you can set yourself. But you’ll have to leave the mountain the same way you came in order to retrieve the soles. That’s not necessarily a problem unless, like me, you so dread walking in ski boots that you would ski down to Two Creeks at the end of the day just to catch a shuttle that enables you to avoid gimping through the Snowmass mall. (When will ski areas realize that just because you can ski, you can’t necessarily walk?)Walk E-Zs cost about $50, including the lock. For extra, there’s a gizmo to store them on the back of your boots while you ski, but this reviewer hasn’t tried that refinement.

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