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Tunnel vision

Half the valley, like the “scenic” Lincoln tunnel?

I wrote about the unappealing horrors of the proposed tunnel the other day and got some great feedback from a lot of people. Nobody wants to endure the underground parking-like, fluorescent lighting, cement-walled, industrial beast every time they come and go in and out of our scenic little town.

They didn’t realize that was what the new alignment included because, again, the ballot question included too many variables at once. The alignment seems fine with most people I’ve talked to, but slipping the cut-and-cover issue onto the tail end of the same ballot measure seems to have confused them as much as the butterfly ballots confused the folks down in South Florida.

Is a separate vote on the tunnel versus above-ground solutions our only hope, or have we already committed to hanging out in an Eisenhower-like smog and honk echo-chamber every time we visit the schools, hospital, airport, Buttermilk or Aspen Highlands?

Tom Alpern


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