Tuesday Sept 2, 2003 | AspenTimes.com

Tuesday Sept 2, 2003

Tuesday Sept 2, 2003 The Moon moves into Scorpio and today you will be open and intuitive to higher softer messages and voices, pictures and sensing of things so pay attention! As you open to how much more love you want and are ready for, you are also very connected with your spiritualand romantic sense of love as well. Sweet. Those expressions of love are so important and rare, and take us so much higher. As well over the next two weeks you will be much more psychically attuned, which can also mean less confident, less solid and sure…. a good thing because that helps open you to new knowledge, newchoices and paths. As well expect your energy levels to be fairly low, where you feel “lazy” and need rests. OK, BE lazy – you do need to have rests, both for physical and spiritual recuperation. Take some R&R even if its just a day out of town.


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