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Tuesday June 3, 2003

Today the Moon moves into the sign of Cancer, the crab, so you will be more emotionally inclined to be crablike today and tomorrow. The crab has lots of defenses – an armored shell, nippers, sneaky sideways moves – all to protect the sweet meat inside. You will

likely be feeling this way and also need to let yourself be gentle and nurturing with you and others because Cancer is also woman/mother energy… OK, no bad jokes here about women’s sneaky moves and mother’s nippers… The point being that you need to be more

“female / yin” and less “male/yang”, whatever your

gender may be. That means be gentle, be more open and

soft and loving. It means take a break, look after

you, pamper you and those around you. Be Mothered in

the ways you like and give that to others too. Note

that I said Mothered, not smothered!

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