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Tuesday June 24, 2003

More magic with another kite today which is again very rare indeed. The energy for heart healing this week is highly accentuated today and that in turn is a big part of the revolutionary energy we are all in for another week that is causing changes of large magnitude in our lives. One of those major changes is an opportunity to “take heart” in your life and to live your life “whole-heartedly” again. As well for the next week there is still strong energy building structures and a base from which to operate, giving a platform to make a stand that is strong and reliable, especially with family and home. There is also high level flowing energy to have that base be very spiritually… well, based! It also supports you in creating a kinder, gentler world for yourself, especially in your private life. All of this is part of a process where there is a big growth “push” so you will be moving through more issues and material than usual.

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