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Tuesday June 10, 2003

We now have two days with the Moon in Libra, bringing

to the fore our emotional needs for companionship, friendship, love, social interaction and social issues. Within that we are reminded of our common humanity and our shared place in all of humanity. We

are asked to review how we are being with our fellow human beings, be they our family, lover, or those poor ones imprisoned without any rights or going hungry in various parts of the world. Today there is real magic in the air that calls for us to talk, write and think about all these issues and to see what we can add to improve them, even in small ways. “Hug your kids” may be a cliche but it is also a necessary human response to share love, as one example. With the ongoing high sexual energy you are also called upon to see where

you bring sex and love together, and how your sexuality adds to or detracts from, your intimate relationships. Come together!

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