Tuesday Foods celebrates four years of healthy food service Friday at new location in Carbondale

Green pesto ready to go at Tuesday Foods in Carbondale.
Julie Bielenberg/The Aspen Times

Tuesday Foods co-owners Lisa Cohen and Kelly Hollins have much to celebrate four years after launching their all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free food preparation service in Willits.

There’s the announcement two weeks ago about the Tory Burch Foundation fellowship — their company one of 50 out of thousands of applicants to win one. It’s an honor, sure, but the value comes from the foundation providing women entrepreneurs access to capital, education, and digital resources to keep growing their business.

Co-founders Lisa Cohen and Kelly Hollins.
Michele Cardamone/Courtesy photo

Oh, that. Growth. They’ll celebrate their newest location at 1150 Highway 133 in Carbondale with public celebration from 4:30-6 p.m. on Friday. You’re invited.

Cohen, a nutritionist and health coach, already was profitable with a seasonally-offered, home-delivery, meal-preparation service before partnering with Hollins, a trained vegan cook and health coach who dove deep into food origins and preparation practices after a healing journey.

Turns out they made a formidable team, which was what would be required.

Delivered started in the Willits Design Center in April 2019. Then came COVID, which wound up boosting their service.

“We focused on authentic, vegan, clean food and sustainability,” said Hollins.

These core values resonated with many in the Roaring Fork Valley. When the pandemic closed restaurants and people grew tired of their own home cooking, Tuesday Foods was prepared and prepped.

The service offers a set weekly menu, and customers can purchase a week package, a month package, 12-week package …. They have all sorts of combinations.

Tuesday Foods co-owner Kelly Hollins at their new Carbondale location.
Julie Bielenberg/The Aspen Times

Keeping sustainability as a goal, Cohen and Hollins have employed reusable glass jars for their food, compostable containers for additional packaging, as well as paper-made, reusable, insulated totes for delivery, and they are partnering with with EverGreen ZeroWaste for composting.

Their menus are free of refined sugar, eggs, milk, gluten, or meat — greatly reducing their carbon footprint versus a traditional food-delivery service. Their organic produce is sourced as locally and as fresh as possible, they said.

COVID was so intense and the community’s desperation was palatable, the company expanded to Boulder, and the Front Range expansion proved lucrative, the said.

“We added a chef in Boulder in May 2020 to create our menus at a commissary and deliver in the same format,” said Hollins.

The Boulder location hasn’t trended nearly as fast as the Roaring Fork location, though. Blame that on numerous other vegan and gluten offerings and perhaps competing food-delivery services. 

Currently, Tuesday Foods delivers to Denver, Boulder, Niwot, Golden, Aurora, and surrounding areas.

“We offer seasonal cleanses and soup cleanse, and we have always sold out of the 24 to 30 slots. We’re really proud of those offerings and hope to expand this even more,” said Hollins.

As the company navigates post-COVID, they’ve realized that customers are looking for grab-and-go, as well. So they’ve added lunch, a smaller delivered offering for those who enjoy dining out on occasion or just want more flexibility.

“We started this business with the mission to help our clients transform their lives through healthy eating,” Cohen said. “Ultimately, we want to give you the tools to be healthiest, most vibrant an energetic version of yourself. Whether that’s by delivering our signature ready-to-eat three meals a day, lunches and snacks, super-fueled smoothies and treats to share with your family, or stocking your freezer with healthy and hearty soups. We have something for everyone.”

Kale salad being prepped at Tuesday Foods in Carbondale.
Julie Bielenberg/The Aspen Times

This summer, Tuesday Foods will be at the Basalt Farmers Market for four weeks and for two weeks of the Carbondale Market and Mountain Fair for their first time with their juices, raw balls, matchas and lattes, granolas, veggies and dip, and chia puddings.

Some of the items included in Tuesday Foods’ weekly delivery.
Julie Bielenberg/The Aspen Times

Tuesday Foods has also recently partnered with True Nature Healing Arts in Carbondale, where their fresh creations will be sold from the True Nature Cafe. 

Cohen also offers clients health coaching.

“We have numerous clients with individual health issues, and we cater and prepare to these dietary restrictions to the best of our ability,” added Hollins.

So, a question: Where did the name Tuesday Foods come from? It replaced Good, Clean, Food, Delivered.

Basically, everyone had good, clean food to deliver when they looked toward expansion during the pandemic, Cohen remembered. Suddenly the name seemed, well, not so striking.

“We cook on Sunday and Monday, and deliver every Tuesday,” Hollins said. “It’s a throwback to vintage delivery days, an homage to our roots.”