Trying to understand one another better |

Trying to understand one another better

Dear Editor:

My association with GrassRoots TV began while the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition felt it needed a venue to reach as many people as possible to show important political and anti-war films from a variety of outlets and sources. After the RFPC was hesitant, and then unreceptive, to showing 9/11 films, I had no choice but to form my own group, Citizens For 9/11 Truth. When an opportunity for a time slot became available to show 9/11 films on GrassRoots TV, I jumped at that opportunity.

As with the RFPC, Citizens For 9/11 Truth has been instrumental in helping to educate the citizens that receive GrassRoots TV Channel 12. The service and importance of this kind of programming cannot be overstated to helping bring awareness to important issues of our day; awareness that helps determine the understanding and vision of how our world works and what part we play in it.

Our country and the world at large are under enormous pressures from an array of forces that are undermining its health and stability. The videos that I air are challenging for some to wrap their minds around, but citizens need to have thought-provoking information to challenge the generalized indoctrination that we all go through, whether it is by our educational system, regular broadcast TV, radio or print media.

The invaluable service that GrassRoots TV offers for programming such as mine must not be hindered. To accept only a single representation of any story as undeniably true and not open to question is antithetical to a healthy and active mind and a free and open society which we need to keep alive so that informed decisions that benefit the general welfare can be applied.

There have been stereotypical comments made and assumptions drawn about me and this current film, unfairly and with malice I believe. I have kept my e-mail list, which includes Mr. Masters, updated on all the recent letters to the editor, newspaper articles and editorials, plus some articles written over the Internet from those who support the airing of this video.

Everyone who writes on this issue is speaking his mind with candor. This is what free speech is all about. As adults, we have learned how to handle criticism of our ideas. We don’t outlaw free thinking speech. If something is wrong-headed, the sensible approach is not censorship, but better, more thoughtful speech and writing.

If we are going to make this world a good place in which to live for future generations we truly need to understand each other better. Honest, meaningful and sensible communication is certainly one path to that end. It will take hard work, an ability to listen and a determination to resolve issues thought unresolvable.

If you would like to engage in conversation with me about any of this, I would be open to suggestions as to possible arrangements to facilitate that meeting of the minds.

Steve Campbell

Glenwood Springs

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