Trying to make sense of school calendar proposal |

Trying to make sense of school calendar proposal

Dear Editor:

I feel there must be a motive to implementing and enforcing the “balanced” calendar but for the life of me I can’t figure out what it is!

For children with learning differences, this plan is bordering on disastrous. For any of you who thrive on routine, which most students with or without learning differences do, you can perhaps relate it to going away on a two-week vacation and returning back to “reality.” There will be the usual back-to-school, get-back-in-the-routine, start-up time that will be wasted … not to mention the major inconvenience and upset of family life during the two weeks off every nine weeks.

Since there is no evidence this “balanced” calendar is beneficial to our students, why on earth is our school board proposing to support it? Too often, those in positions of power change something for the sake of changing something. Unless there is real evidence this plan will benefit Aspen students, this seems to be no exception.

Sharon Cook

Snowmass Village

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