Trying to make sense of it all |

Trying to make sense of it all

Dear Editor:

Every once in awhile, something appears in our local newspapers that gives me a slight desire to go back on the air. So, I thought I’d share, in respect to the following:

Skico fires Dan Sheridan – Are you insane? It’s a song … a song! You didn’t fire John Norton for his “Un-crowded By Design” campaign. But now, you’re feeling the pangs of financial revolt because he sang a song in a bar, he’s a singer, a songwriter – maybe the city of Aspen should hire him to run their proposed singer-songwriter event.

Attorney Lauren Maytin attacks police officer Valerie McFarlane – I understand you are an attorney and your client comes first, but not at the cost of trying to discredit a person who puts her life on the line in the course of her job, and basically did nothing wrong. I know you’re a good attorney, as I’ve recommended clients to you, but “shame on you.” Trying to get your client off a DUI charge raises the hair on my neck. What if your client had killed someone, would you be spinning the same tale? I think not. In my opinion, if you get a DUI, you lose the right to drive for a long time.

Marketing job offer made By Torre – Seems to be a misunderstanding out there. I wasn’t offered a job by the city. Instead, Torre suggested maybe the city should hire me, and I want to say, thank you. I do hope if it comes to be, that I wouldn’t be paid in tennis lessons, although I could use them.

Wheeler new stage closes before it opens – Damn! I liked the idea of a small theater. We could use one, especially if we keep proclaiming “the arts” are our thing in Aspen.

Secrets of Aspen and the Con Man – It’s a TV show – a bad TV show. The fact Michael Conniff expounded on it with the “best audience in talk radio,” and nobody called in, says something. By the way, I’m curious, Michael: What makes your audience the best in talk radio? Did they take some sort of “best” test? Or, is it just because they tune in?

City of Aspen stimulus work session – Four glorious hours, and that neither Toni K. nor Emzy V. were present says a lot. The work session made the “Secrets of Aspen” look riveting. There must be a way to shorten these types of meetings. Maybe ring a bell when someone gets off topic? I’ve got a used one from my show I’ll lend to the cause.

Andrew Kole


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