Trying to drink the Kool-Aid but not feeling the effects

Erica Robbie

I used to be that person who rolled her eyes when people raved about yoga.

Now, I’m a full-blown yogi who does #yogaeveryday. If I’m not practicing yoga, I am dreaming of it, posting about it or telling strangers how much I love it.

Just kidding.

I’m still that skeptical-ish person who rolls her eyes — only now I’m smart enough to know I’m being stupid, and I am actively trying not to be that person.

I realize throwing shade on yoga is akin to taking a page from the Aspen edition of “How To Lose Friends and Not Influence People,” but before I go any further, allow me to disclaim that I firmly and fundamentally believe that yoga offers innumerable benefits to peoples’ mind, body and spirit (see, I can talk yogi, too).

I also am genuinely happy to live in a place where so many people look to yoga as a means of de-stressing (among other purposes), which I think is critical.

One of my closest friends who merely dabbled in the yoga department until this month is currently participating in Aspen Shakti’s 30-day yoga challenge.

As someone who works a high-stress job, she tells me how invaluable the experience is on her psyche, and my eyes don’t roll because I can see it for myself.

Despite it eating up me-time, unselfishly I’m thrilled she is partaking in the challenge and hope she continues yoga after (although if she “namastes” me one more time, we may have some problems).

I guess my issue with yoga is that I honestly cannot say I’ve ever personally felt, experienced or noticed the wonderfully positive effects it seems to spread onto everyone but me.

Fortunately, I cannot say the same about some of my other favorite activities, including skiing, hiking, biking and Pure Barre.

And for the record, I have tried yoga with an open mind: Five or so years ago, I sweat my butt off in hot Bikram yoga classes a few times per week for the better part of a year, and more recently I have taken classes locally and even participated in a full day of the yoga festival in Snowmass this summer.

So to any of you yogis out there reading this, please know I am no longer rolling my eyes at you, but rather looking to you with admiration and enlightenment.


Trying to drink the Kool-Aid but not feeling the effects