Try helping in our own backyard

Dear Editor:

I thought that AMS parents and teachers wrote a nice letter in support of their excursion to Mexico. However, I am deeply disappointed that the time spent to help families in Mexico was not used to help families in our own country. The town of Greensburg, Kan., was nearly leveled by a tornado last May. Katrina hit areas are still rebuilding. If kids need culture, American Indian nations around the west would open children’s (and adult’s) eyes to culture that has existed long before they were forced onto reservations. State parks like Mesa Verde are in constant need of help to maintain trails and the ancient homes of the first Americans.

I implore our educators to re-think what experiences will have the most impact on our kids. There are so many different cultures and lifestyles within a bus ride of Aspen. The money raised (and spent) on getting our kids to Mexico could have done a lot good right here in our own backyard.

Kim Vieira