Try again, Palin |

Try again, Palin

Dear Editor:

I listened to Gov. Sarah Palin speak last Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention. While I’m not sure what specifically I was hoping to hear, I do know this: Whatever it was was entirely absent.

I came away without any sense of her platforms and more convinced of her lack of experience than I was before 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Perhaps it was the crowd during former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s speech ” just before Palin took center stage ” that made me wary not only of the vice presidential candidate, but also of the Republican Party. When Giuliani spoke in support of drilling, an echo rippled throughout the crowd in seemingly classic mob mentality in which no actually thinks for oneself ” “Drill now, baby, drill now,” the crowd chanted.

Palin’s follow up to the display struck a similar chord: more negative campaigning against Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden, more promises to cut taxes … more pipelines and again more drilling. She spoke of the fact that she is a woman and of Sen. John McCain’s “courage.”

I acknowledge Palin for her efforts and reputation as a reformer. I realize that as vice president she would not be responsible for determining policy change; she would be a support to the Republican Party and to McCain.

But still, what I want to know is: What are her goals for the nation? How would her pro-life stance affect women … an overturn of Roe v. Wade?

Palin, tell me something that I can’t find by logging onto or flipping through The New York Times. Let me hear it in your own words, in your own voice.

Palin seemed to cling to the notion that transitioning from small-town mayor to Alaskan governor to vice president is a normal progression ” no cause for alarm. No words to substantiate how she is qualified to be vice president (or dare I broach the subject … president) of the United States.

What “change” is it that I can expect from you, Gov. Palin? And, perhaps more important: What qualifications do you have to lead the country? Can I trust you to be our face to the world?

With so many questions surrounding Palin’s experience, I cannot help but wonder: McCain, what does your choice of Palin say about you?

Marta Darby


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