Truth not always funny |

Truth not always funny

Oscar Wilde said: “If you are going to tell people the truth, you better make them laugh or they will kill you.”

The Aspen School Board’s recent flap over a request for information reminds us that this was a time for humor, but nobody thought it was very funny when the board members and their supporters reacted defensively before they had any idea what the information would be.

The school board did not respond to this request within a reasonable time, causing much bickering and bitching that the request had even been made.

Nobody on the school board, in the press or in the public pointed out that the protesters were not behaving in the civil and sensible ways that our students are taught to do in school.

Mortimer Adler said that discovering the truth can be difficult and that seeking out what is a lie is easier. It would be a lie to say that public education and civility are honored and respected in Aspen.

I see nothing funny in this, but I am not afraid that I will be killed for telling the truth. At my age, I’m used to it.

Be Brave Comrades.

KNCB Moore


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