Truth emerging on Syria |

Truth emerging on Syria

Dear Editor:

Back in 2010, I wrote about Syria’s street protests and the reported tens of thousands of civilians “brutally” gunned down. I questioned where all the bodies were. High-quality investigative journalism by The New York Times about clandestine arms shipment exposed the CIA involvement.

The administration can obfuscate but cannot convincingly lie about it any longer. Any reasonable person would conclude our administration’s participation from the start.

The “civilian deaths” was a scripted story like the Golf of Tonkin resolution or the Powell speech about WMDs. Compared with our close allies like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Singapore, etc., Syria is a paragon of democratic values, secular tolerance, gender equality and, contrary to spin, the rule of law. (Assad lifted martial law in 2010. No person could be held past 60 days without charge.)

When Hariri was assassinated in Lebanon, it caused an avalanche of criticism and diplomatic sanctions, placing full blame on Syria. Now, in Damascus, dozens of terrorist attacks, officials blown up in their offices, nary a word. Washington’s pressure has caused other countries to farcically recognize a new revolutionary government. What was all that about?

The present Syrian government is internationally recognized as representing the Syrian nation. Every government is entitled and responsible for maintaining itself. Washington put his uniform back on to suppress a rebellion. International relations in many instances involve deception, dishonest statements and duplicity in the perceived national interest.

What national interest is served by destroying the Syrian polity, arming rebels who caused death and destruction, and a flood of refugees? Burdening the neighbors? Who can answer that?

Stefan Edlis



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