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Trust democracy

Dear Editor:

I attended the recent business luncheon at the St. Regis concerning The Aspen Art Museum. It is very impressive what the AAM is undertaking on behalf of the citizens of Aspen, their board members and staff.

The palatable passion to smartly grow their mission and the common good of the community is prodigious. It was hard to visualize, in our era of greed as a notorious economic philosophy, that local citizens crave to create a $ 30 million-plus, free public landmark facility and produce worldly notable presentations by cutting edge artists.

But, I genuinely see it now!


As usual there is a drastically different opinion smoldering amongst the town’s grumpy “usual suspects,” my peers. At the lunch a Marty Flug employee read a legalish prepared statement of their issues with the Museum project.

Marty’s phantom orchestration of this destructive emotional opera “Save Aspen’s Character” flopped. There will be a 30,000-square-foot Shigeru Ban architectural sculpture on the corner of Hyman Avenue and Spring Street, in the heart of Aspen.

The new AAM will lead the way to the uninterrupted evolution of Aspen’s unrivaled character, just as the Bayer/Benedict buildings of the Aspen Institute have permanently done.

Mr. Flug can be commended for taking his rightful position in the lineup of Karl Rove and his ghost contributors, David and Charles Koch and their T-Bagger Tribe and The Ittner/Marks/Milias Blogasoreass Ant Farmers.

When disguised jumbo money pushes power, it only entertains our objectivity.

Superior ideas and respectable deeds survive on the humanitarian fuel of common sense. They can’t challenge our open democracy and will never undermine our one man, one vote principle.

But, we sure are in a daily street fight.

Keep your shields up and exercise your intellect to acknowledge the trustworthy thrifty leadership of Mick, Torre, Dwayne, Derek and the Aspen city staff.

Vote for Jack Johnson to endorse his free will and courage.

Seal the success of the AAM by sending them and your favorite nonprofit a membership request check.

Sustain the ideas of “not for profit” and “random acts of kindness.” Ignore all elitists and rebut the bullies as their self-seeking dogmas die. Treat your neighbor great, the way you want to be treated.

Celebrate the Aspen Art Museum’s strides to create prosperity through generosity. Vote early!

Tim Mooney


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