Truly blessed |

Truly blessed

Dear Editor:God has blessed us richly in this in this valley. The “abundance” and grace He “lavishes” upon us is undeniable. The Rockies leave us breathless and afford us the luxury of staying fit on their vast trails for hiking and biking.Their streams, rivers and lakes provide relaxation, excitement of rafting and the opportunity to hone the skills of fly fishing or kayaking. The musicians of the Music Festival escort our spirits to an inner sanctuary of harmony. Our community of generous people has time and time again reached out to comfort and assist others in crisis. You don’t miss things like this. We are blessed.All this beauty and more is inviting. That’s how God intended it to be … inviting. It is abundant! God always invites because there is more than enough for everyone. He invited 12 ordinary men to go with Him on a journey so they would learn to “become.” He invites “all who are weary and heavy laden so He can give us rest.” He invites us to be heirs of the kingdom of heaven and to taste the goodness of God. He stands at the door and knocks, waiting patiently for us to open the door so he can come in and dine with us.The sinner’s prayer is the response to His gentle invitations. It’s a heart that has been searching and hungry. It’s a heart that has been thirsty, needing to be refreshed. It’s a heart that has been abused and broken, looking to a God who can make it whole again. His invitation is about wholeness.Although the sinner’s prayer was mocked in a recent editorial by Barry Smith, “Another sinner is saved,” because of its grammatical errors and invitation to be with God, it simply says “Yes Lord, I would love for you to live within my heart, I have done some horrible things throughout my lifetime, but I know your word says you wipe them away as the east is from the west to never again be remembered … for the east and west never meet.” And you do not lie like man, because the Bible says, “My word does not return to me empty, it is fulfilled through you.”Yes, Lord, I would love to be a part of the kingdom where your word says “no eye has seen or prepared for those who love him.” It’s not about a religion or denomination. It’s simply an invitation to be in relationship with a living God who invites and desires to keep giving, because “He makes all things new.”The Bible says he holds us in his everlasting arms; He is our everlasting Father; He gives us everlasting joy and kindness; He loves us with an everlasting love. What do you have that is everlasting?Oh my, how we are blessed!Pastor Linda Arocha BoylanMarble Community Church

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