True professionalism |

True professionalism

Dear Editor:

We would like to express our profound support for Alan Fletcher and the enhancements he has made to the Music Associates of Aspen during his tenure (which has included a very difficult economy, let us not forget).

We always find Alan to be extremely thoughtful in his interactions with others and truly enjoy his educated and insightful pre-concert talks. Alan brings a wealth of experience to the table when discussing future productions and has consistently engaged all local arts organizations to collaborate with the MAA, bringing a new vibrancy to the venerable program.

Alan has demonstrated through this difficult economy that he has the fortitude to implement unpopular management decisions which will serve to protect the legacy of the Music Festival for our community for the future. We are thrilled to have Alan as the MAA President and have strengthened our support to the MAA over the last few years because of his presence and vision.

John and Catherine Anne Provine


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