True kindness doesn’t cost a thing |

True kindness doesn’t cost a thing

Dear Editor:I read the article from Chuck Green (Denver Post columnist) called “Random acts of kindness: one victim’s legacy.” In the first paragraph it was talking about the family of Emily Keyes (who was shot at Platte Canyon High School) and how they asked the public to memorialize her by doing random acts of kindness.After that paragraph it was talking about how you could do random acts of kindness. For example: At a movie, pay for the person’s ticket who is behind you in line. All the random acts of kindness he was talking about dealt with money. I don’t think you need any money to do a random act of kindness. The kindness should just be something you do. You could go help at a homeless shelter or retirement home, or you could get into an organization where you send clothing to a country that needs it.Since that school shooting, there have been a couple during the past week. I was thinking about what would happen if this happened to Aspen High School, where I go to school. I wouldn’t know what to do if someone came into a room with a gun or if something happens at the school. People think that this stuff will never happen in the valley, so we don’t have a drill to do when it does happen. School shootings can happen everywhere, and every school should have a drill for when it does happen.Natasha Fishburn Snowmass Village

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