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True friends

Dear Editor:

When there is no party and you need some “friends” to show up and help a brother out, you have fewer friends than you thought! LOL.

When there is no party, but 4 1/2 days of wood-floor installation to do, you really know who your friends are! I have been putting off getting some flooring done at the house for four years.

Ben and Joe were there to help me when my morale was low, I needed a kick in the pants, and some really strong coffee in the morning – since lots of Coke in the evening was not getting the job done the past four years.

The only true friends in life are not the ones who show up at your funeral or memorial service. True friends are the ones who show up five days in a row, for eight to 10 hours each day, to help you get your wood laid! Pun intended! Thanks, fellas!

John Norman


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