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True experience

Dear Editor:I am writing in support of the candidacy of Jim True for county commissioner.I have known Jim as both a fellow lawyer and friend for more than 25 years. Over that time, we have worked together on numerous law cases and other protects. I have always been impressed by Jim’s intellect, judgment, dedication to the client and his ability to sharply focus on the issues at hand – all traits valuable to a highly effective county commissioner.When it comes to analyzing and resolving large issues, I have observed firsthand Jim’s ability to grasp the big picture, marshal all the critical facts and arrive at a carefully thought-out and rational resolution, which invariably produced the beat result for me most Involved.He is possessed of all of the personal traits that are particularly prized in a public servant: a calm, deliberate demeanor, a willingness to thoroughly consider all sides of an issue and a unique ability to put his personal opinions aside. In all the years that I have known Jim and in all the difficult, intense situations the both of us have been in together, I have never seen him lose his cool quality that is indispensable in a leader.But if all of that were not eminently compelling, Jim’s strongest attribute is his prior service as a commissioner. Experience is, as they say, the beat teacher.Let’s elect the most experienced, qualified, competent candidate.Robert A. FrancisAspen

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